Holiday Christmas Party

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NCOPI Goldsboro in the news!!

Great job William Stauffer for helping Mr. Williams get back on his feet! We are so glad Mr. Williams kept his humor through it all. Stauffer explained that the new limb weighs about one-third [...]

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Heritage Middle School Visits NCOPI

We invited the Future Business Leaders of America Club from Heritage Middle School to tour our Wake Forest facility to learn more about the field of Orthotics and Prosthetics. During the tour we covered the following: Overview of [...]

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Help Stop Proposed Medicare Changes

Medicare, through its contractors, has proposed new guidelines that would have a profoundly negative impact on amputees across the United States. If implemented, the policy would limit and potentially deny access to appropriate prosthetic care. [...]

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Beyond our Borders at NCOPI

NCOPI was recently a part of a non-profit initiative to secure medical care for 14 year old Palestinian, Hebatallah Shaheen.  Hebatallah is now back in Palestine with her family, and we're happy to report that she's doing well [...]

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Another Great Year at NCOPI!

North Carolina Orthotics and Prosthetics is blessed with the most skilled practitioners, an excellent support staff, and access to the best O&P fabrication facility anywhere in North Carolina.  As an organization, we have many reasons [...]

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